Need any more proof that Jack Wilshere is a douche? If so then check out this video of him singing to Usher.


Earlier on in the week we brought you the video of Raul singing along to a CD in his car that some Schalke fans had given him, and why not? It was about him after all. But today we bring to your attention a much more disturbing video. A video that proves once and for all that footballers have terrible taste in music, and that Jack Wilshere would take home the gold at the douche Olympics any day of the week… even beating Ashley Cole. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t beat Ashley Cole but you get the idea.

Warning. The following video contains a grown man singing to Usher (of all things) and acting like a douche in general. Viewers of a nervous disposition may find the following scenes distressing, and it may induce vomiting. You have been warned.

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As you wipe the vomit from your computer screens I urge you all to try and take the positives out of this, at least he doesn’t play for your team. Unless you’re an Arsenal fan, in which case you have my utmost sympathy.

Oh, and by the way, why is he driving with his hood up? This isn’t south central Los Angeles and you’re not a Blood or a Crip. I mean seriously, da fvck? Who does that? Sort it out you douche bag.



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