ISIS: The Unspeakable Truth Exposed


If al-Qaeda cuts tie with a group because they are too extreme and violent you know they must be big trouble. Meet Isis…

The groups which have been worst hit by the massacre in Iraq are the sizable Christian population and an ethno-religious group called the Yazidi. The Yazidis and Christians of Iraq have had a troubled past and this ethnic cleansing is their newest and most horrendous battle to date. Last week the Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil, a Yazidi woman, broke down in parliament giving this impassioned speech:

As many as 20,000 Iraq civilians deemed enemies of Isis have been besieged in the mountains over the last few days. These people have fled their homes in justified terror. Isis take no prisoners. Stuck on a mountain for days people were dying of hunger and thirst in the boiling hot summer conditions. The RAF have recently dropped in water and food to ease their suffering.

Isis’ brutality knows no boundaries, there have been reports of Christian children being systematically beheaded and men forced to recant their Christianity and then murdered anyway. Groups of hundreds of people at a time have been mowed down in a hail of bullets. Towns in Syria which were under Isis’ control last year speak of the horrendous martial law that saw public executions on a regular basis.

The scope and size of this movement is truly terrifying…

The Advance Of The Islamic State

Isis - Islamic State - Executioner

Isis were initially heavily tied with Al-Qaeda until the latter rejected them. Both Syria and Iraq vowed to destroy Isis and it looked like their days were numbered. Isis, however, were not willing to lie down.

In June the Islamic State made a mockery of the less advanced and less dedicated Iraqi army and now effectively control seven provinces of Iraq and Syria. Over the past few months Isis have fought off the Syrian rebels, Syria’s Assad troops, the Kurdish army, the Iraq army and the Lebanese. These are not some tin pot organisation, they have a sophisticated military and communication system unparalleled by any other Jihadi group on earth.

They have also managed to enlist the support of other militant groups (some of which are US funded), so fire power is no issue.

Isis - Islamic State - YODO

To match their high-end military and intelligence capability lies a frighteningly modern media campaign. They have utilised Twitter and Facebook better than most big companies and are constantly on the hunt for new recruits from further afield. They use adverts like those above and below to attract young, angry Westerners and their hash-tag campaigns frequently trended, although they have since been removed from Twitter.

An Isis propaganda photograph.

So, who’s in charge of Isis?…

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