ISIS: The Unspeakable Truth Exposed


If al-Qaeda cuts tie with a group because they are too extreme and violent you know they must be big trouble. Meet Isis…

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The Islamic State is led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (below). He is the caliph that leads this terrifying group of men from the main mosque in Mosul. How did he become the caliph of such a prime mosque? Well it wasn’t through kindness and devotion, he basically killed his way to the top when other senior clerics refused to recognise the legitimacy of Isis.

Isis - Islamic State - Abu_Bakr_al_Bagdadi

Their advance is terrifying and Western intervention seems like the only chance of stopping the massacre. Obama has waded in with his rockets blazing and admits that this won’t be a battle easily won. The Islamic State have promised retribution for any country that tries to meddle in their business, unfortunately I think that the US and quite possibly the UK can expect some car bombs. It’s a horrifying thought, but if Al-Qaeda can do it, the Islamic State sure can.

Isis - Islamic State - Propaganda 3

The West has a more than shonky track record in the Middle East, this time we need to get it right.

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