The New IPhone 7 Won’t Have A Headphone Port

Apple iPhone No Headphone Port

What the…?

As we predicted months ago, according to Chinese media outlets Apple are set to ditch the headphone port on the iPhone 7, whenever it’s released.

The reason is simple – they want to make the iPhone even slimmer and the headphone port is the main part of the device that makes it wider. You’ll instead be able to plug your headphones in via the Lightning Port or use a wireless pair connected via BlueTooth. The new iPhone is expected to ship with a pair of these wireless headphones.


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This might not be SO bad, it just means that all your other pairs of headphones that you use to listen to music via your iPhone will be rendered obsolete. It also means that every time you lose your headphones – which if you’re anything like me happens all the time – you’ll be forced to replace them with a set of Apple ones, which will inevitably be really expensive. That’s not so good.

In fact there’s already a petition doing the rounds attempting to stop it from happening although I’m not sure why – Apple do what they want and the common man is powerless to stop it.

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There are other options to replace your headphones although they all come in at being pretty pricey or annoying. Some headphones already use the Lightning Port as a jack, like the Philips’ M2L cans but they come at around £200. Ouch. They do improve the audio quality by using the port’s power to drive a built-in amplifier and digital-analogue converter, so if you’re really into your audio quality then at least there’s that.

Other than that you could get an adapter so you can plug your old headphones in, but that sounds ever so clunky doesn’t it? Better make sure you don’t lose your headphones basically then.

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