19 Intense Photos Of Riots Around The World

There’s nothing more human than rioting.

I doubt there’s a country in the world that hasn’t seen a riot at some point in time. Since civilisation was born, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives in various street struggles. From Bedford to Bangladesh, people love kicking off. Whether it’s about the price of corn or the price of freedom, it’s been rioted about at least once. Rioting certainly isn’t a badge of honour for civilisation, but sometimes it is a necessary evil when the powers that be refuse to listen.

Nowadays rioters are often more media savvy. A pro-rioter knows that if journalists and photographers are invited, their cause will garner more attention; as an added bonus the police are less likely to mete out violence when they’re being watched. Although that doesn’t seem to have helped in Ukraine.

Over the following slides are some up-close and personal photos from recent riots across the globe:

Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot

Riot Photos - Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot 2011

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