Photographs From The Detroit Riots Of 1967

Detroit Riots Featured

With the current controversy over Ferguson, we head back to 1967 to prove that things haven’t really changed over the last 50 years.

With the current controversy over Ferguson and the Michael Brown shooting still raging over in Missouri, you might have forgotten hat this kind of stuff happens in the States all the time. Not only do we have this photo set from the country’s most violent city in Flint Michigan, but we also have these photographs from the famous riots in Detroit back in 1967.

In case you didn’t know – and as chances are you’re probably English so you’d isn’t – the Detroit riots also revolved around race. They began when police raided an unlicensed bar and detained 82 African Americans. People in the area who saw this responded by looting a nearby store and then the situation escalated dramatically into a five day riot where 43 people died, 2000 buildings were destroyed, 1189 people were injured and 7200 were arrested.

The Detroit police force of 2000 was dramatically overwhelmed  by the riot and couldn’t really respond – they didn’t even have enough jail space to house those that they did manage to subdue. In the end President Johnson had to call in the National Guard – including a whole bunch of tanks – in order to shut down the rioting. It remains one of the deadliest riots in American history. Here are some pictures that illustrate what it was like back then.

Detroit Burning During Riots

National Guardsman During Detroit Riots

Smoldering ruins of middle class black neighborhoo

Store During Detroit Riots

Preventing Looters During Detroit Riots

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Firemen are protected by police (from snipers etc) while t

Police During Detroit Riots

Policeman arresting an African American after race

National Guardsman patroling street after race rio

Policeman lining up suspects after race riots.

Firemen and civilians starting to clear debris the morning

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Detroit During The 1967 Riots

Buildings burning out of control after race riots rock the

Building burning during race riots in the city

Detroit Riots Featured


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