Inside North Korea: Unbelievable Excerpts From UN Report #1

What’s it actually like to live in North Korea? Why don’t people escape? Why no revolution? This series answers those questions and many more.

One witness described how his father had unintentionally soiled an image of Kim Jong-il printed in a used newspaper which he had used to mop up spilt drink. He was consequently sent to a political prison camp. The rest of the family was spared this fate, but was rendered as a family with ‘hostile songbun’, which is their equivalent of the lowest possible social class, and thus suffered decades of harsh official discrimination.

Inside North Korea - UN Report - portrait 3

According to one witness, a staff member of a hospital in North Hamgyong Province was investigated by the State Security Department (SSD) for one month after accidentally breaking the glass on a portrait of Kim Il-sung whilst carrying out the mandatory weekly cleaning of it.

Inside North Korea - UN Report - portraits

So from covering just these first two sections of the report we’ve already had a pretty dirty glimpse of life for the normal folk of North Korea. In part two we’ll cover media and propaganda and I promise you it only gets worse from here on in.

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