Inside North Korea: Unbelievable Excerpts From UN Report #1

What’s it actually like to live in North Korea? Why don’t people escape? Why no revolution? This series answers those questions and many more.

Children in the DPRK are introduced at an early age to “confession and criticism” sessions. Children gather in groups weekly and take turns standing up and describing their activities for the previous week, as far as possible showing how they were living in accordance with the teachings of the Kim philosophy and the Ten Principles.

Inside North Korea - UN Report - Children 3

The Principles are recited during the confession, kind of like the ten commandments. Children must berate themselves if they’ve failed in some way during the preceding week; such as being absent from class or not having made a contribution as expected. They must then make a commitment to become better.

The kids are also expected to describe the failings of at least one of their peers in the same group. Until they identify someone for criticism, they are not allowed to stand down. So being a tell-tale, spying and dobbing people in is bred in from year dot.

Inside North Korea - UN Report - Children 2

Children are taught to revere and idolize previous leaders Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and the new fatty on the block – Kim Jong-un. Plaques with slogans, posters and drawings expressing gratitude to the Supreme Leader are found in kindergartens irrespective of the children’s ability to fully comprehend these messages. In addition to the usual subjects in schools, such as maths, science, art and music, an inordinately large portion of the school syllabus is dedicated to the instruction about achievements and teachings of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

One former educator in the DPRK suggests that the teachings of ideology based on the writings of and about Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il in fact “constitutes most of the education”.

So when these poor kids do get some education and aren’t forced to leap about at the despot’s command, they get taught semi-mythical nonsense about psychopaths.

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