Ever Wonder What The Inside Of A Golf Ball Looks Like?



I’ve never really wondered what the inside of a golf ball looks like, it’s just something that has never crossed my mind. Once an old geography teacher asked me to write a two page essay about what the inside of a ping pong ball looked like because I was talking all through a lesson so I had to think about that, but never a golf ball. After seeing this though I wished that he had asked me to write about the inside of a golf ball rather than a ping pong ball because it is about 1000 times sicker.

The idea for this photography collection came one day when photographer James Friedman suddenly decided that he simply he couldn’t take it any longer and he needed to know what the inside of a golf ball looked like. So he grabbed a golf ball from his collection and chopped it up.

I don’t know what he expected to find in there, or what I would even have expected to find in there had I ever thought about this before, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have expected to see a bunch of different colours, layers and textures in there that just looked completely weird. No way.

Friedman really loved that he found this – and to be honest who wouldn’t? They look really cool – and so he decided to cut open all the golf balls he could find and make a photography series out of it. It’s called Interior Design – hip name – and you can see all 20 pictures from it below.

The best thing about this whole story is that Friedman doesn’t even like golf so you know he’s a legit dude, although it does make you wonder why the hell he has a collection of golf balls lying around for him to slice up if he doesn’t like golf in the first place? I mean I hate golf and there aren’t any golf balls hanging around my yard, no way. Those photographers sure are suspicious.

Check out the images below:

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