Photos From Inside A Chinese Blow Up-Doll Factory

The inside of a sex doll factory in China is probably about as surreal as you expected.

We cover stories about sex dolls quite frequently here on Sick Chirpse, the main reason being, people click on them. It’s a bit odd isn’t it? It’s not that we’re attracted to the idea of sex dolls, I reckon we’re sort of a bit confused as to why anyone would be attracted to them? I don’t know. It’s like rubber-necking, it’s upsetting and/or gross but you just have to stare. You’ll be happy to read that the dolls in the following photo collection aren’t like that disgusting homemade one we covered a while back though.

I must admit I’d never really thought much about what the inside of a blow-up doll factory might look like. It’s just not a question that had come up. But for some reason, as soon as I saw the headline I was intrigued, what does it look like inside a factory that makes such an odd and embarrassing item?

These photos all come from a single factory in China which is currently going through somewhat of a boom. The factory is based in the town of Ningbo which boasts more sex doll factories than any other Chinese town (and I’m assuming any town anywhere).

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - body parts

The factories started production five years ago and initially produced dolls just for China, Japan, Korea and Turkey. Now they’ve spread their wings and produce thousands of pink inflatable ladies each year which are mailed all across the globe.

Humans are a weird bunch aren’t they? I wonder if that blow-up doll that got sent to space was made in Ningbo? Well, here are the photos:

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - boxes of dolls

China's Sex Dolls Factory

China's Sex Dolls Factory

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - Yamei Plastic

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - Face

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - Lonelty

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - packed

Chinese Blow Up Doll Factory - what a pair


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