Japan Has Created The Most Realistic Sex Dolls Of All Time (NSFW)

Yes, that’s a sex doll in the picture above. Game changer.

I’ve never really been interested in sex dolls (never had much trouble there, you know) but it’s clear that there’s a market for them as they sell for thousands of pounds and none of these companies ever seem to go out of business, although I’ve never actually met anyone who owns one. Have you?

In any case, these Japanese sex dolls are the real deal and about a million times better than the homemade sex doll that this guy made or the Justin Bieber sex doll. They’re the product of a Japanese company called Orient Industry who boast that the dolls are so realistic that once you’ve bought one you’ll never want to be with a real girl again. Although that might be slightly offensive to both sexes, the fact is that they do look pretty damn good.

This is due to the fact that they have extremely realistic skin and eyes, which is the result of an entire high tech industry in Japan that is entirely dedicated to making sex toys as realistic as possible. Not only this but they also come with their own range of clothing and are completely customisable so you can change the doll’s bust and hair colour to your liking. The joints are also movable so you can bend them into any position you want, literally.

The dolls cost $1,500 roughly and are being marketed as the most realistic sex dolls ever, with Orient Industry arguing that they’re pretty much indistinguishable from real girls. Judging by the pictures below, they’re pretty much right about that. Enjoy.

Orient Doll

Orient Doll 1

Orient Doll 2

Orient Doll 3

Orient Doll 4

Orient Doll 5

Orient Doll 6

Orient Doll 7

Orient Doll 8

Orient Doll 10

Orient Doll 11



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