VIDEO: Inflatable Sex Doll Sent Into Space

A female sex doll has been launched 31,000 metres into space attached to a hydrogen balloon.

Adult entertainment site organised a space mission for a female sex doll — launching her 31,000 metres into space attached to a hydrogen-filled balloon.

When she hit 31,090 metres however, the balloon burst and the doll fell back down to Earth, minus her arms and right leg. No word if that was the doing of rambunctious space aliens or if the sex doll was just made out of crappy material (to be fair these things aren’t designed for space travel).

Back in February we wrote about how smut star Coco Brown is set to become the first porn star to go to space – that’s still set to go ahead in March 2014. Hopefully she’ll be dressed more appropriately than the doll was and come back in one piece.

Watch below:

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