Check Out This Incredible Sculpture That Took 35 Years And 100,000 Toothpicks To Create

This has to be the most incredible labour of love ever seen.

Scott Weavers is an incredibly patient man. Over the last 35 years he has steadily created one of the most incredible constructions I have ever been witness to. 10,000 toothpicks and a pretty steady hand have brought into being the most epic of artworks.

Over the last few months we’ve covered plenty of noteworthy sculptures; we’ve seen snow creations from Tartarstan, Chinese ice sculptures, glass renditions of pathogens and some pretty amazing brick sculptures. But this is a cut above.

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Sourcing toothpicks from across the globe, Weavers has created a gargantuan sculpture of San Francisco, called Rolling Through The Bay. Not only is the sculpture incredibly detailed and beautiful, it contains specially built tracks for ping pong balls to take “tours” through the interior.

The sculpture isn’t the biggest on earth, apparently there are slightly larger toothpick creations in existence. But this is the only one with special ball passages, and Weavers hasn’t finished yet. He’s constantly tinkering and adding new areas.

Take a look at the detail over the following slides. Video at the end:

Scott Weavers - Toothpick Sculpture 1

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