Incredible Snow Sculptures By The Children Of Tatarstan

Your snowman skills are a joke. Check out these Russian children’s incredible snow sculptures.

The other day we published some amazing ice sculptures from the Chinese annual ice festival. Today we bring you the equally impressive snow sculptures produced by the children of Tatarstan, Russia. Yes, that lorry at the top is actually made purely from snow. Amazing.

In the UK we get snow so infrequently that we only ever really build snowmen; and let’s be honest, they don’t even look like “men”, they look like white blobs with twig arms and salad for a face. The children of Tatarstan, however, have clearly had a bit more practice, they sculpt submarines, Stalin and horses, all painted up like a boss.

If we get some snow this year we should all be aiming a little bit higher than boring, old-fashioned Mr Snowman. The unofficial Tatarstan motto is: Bez Buldırabız! (We can!) and yes, they certainly can. Get a load of these:

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Snow Sculptures - Children Of Tatarstan - Creatures

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