Incredible Rare Photos Of An Upside Down Iceberg

Beyond epic.

Alex Cornell, a filmmaker and photographer, recently went on holiday to the Antarctic (I can think of warmer places to holiday, but whatever floats your boat). Whilst literally chilling out and taking some snaps he witnessed something which pretty rarely happens, he saw an iceberg that had flipped over.

As we all know from the famous phrase: “only the tip of the iceberg”, most of the ice in a berg is on the bottom so there’s no real way for them to flip over normally. They’re like Goliath-sized weebles.

Icebergs, as you will have noticed, have a pretty whitish colour to them, this is predominantly due to tiny air bubbles trapped inside the surface. On the underside however, this incredible blueish hue makes the iceberg look a lot more sinister. The blue is partly because the ice is packed so densely and partly because of little fragments of algae and stuff that have hitched a ride over the months and years. On top of that, the water ensures the surfaces are kept clean of debris and extra sparkly.

Here’s a selection of Cornell’s images taken on his voyage, the first couple show the impressive upside down berg. Click through the slides, the last image is beyond epic:

Flipped Icebery - Alex Cornell 3

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