Incredible Footage Taken During Dive In “Jellyfish Lake”

Fancy taking a dive with 13 million jellyfish?

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Summer is coming so it’s about time we started looking at holiday destinations. Palau looks like a pretty amazing option, it’s just a shame that it costs about one million bucks to get there. I think I’ll have to make do with Wales again this year.

If you’ve got some spare cash Palau would be a pretty awesome option though. It’s an island nation stuck amazingly far away from everyone else on the planet. It’s as if God tossed it aside in a jealous rage because it looked so pretty compared to some of the other places he’d come up with.

Palau consists of around 500 tropical islands but has a population of just 21,000 people (that’s about one fifth of the population of Rugby, Warwickshire).

Palau’s nearest neighbours aren’t near at all. They’re around 1000 km away in the Philippines. The isolation is well worth it though, this is an example of the visual treats Palau has to offer:

Palau Jellyfish Island

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Not a bad-looking place, hey? Even their flag is awesome:

Palau Jellyfish Island - Flag

The Palau archipelago is home to around 50 marine lakes – these are lakes which are attached by small channels to the ocean, meaning they are surrounded by land but still salty.

One of these lakes – Ongeim’l Tketau – has become known as “jellyfish lake“, and for good reason. The lake is home to an estimated 13 million golden jellyfish. Each morning these little golden buggers swim from the east side to the west side of the lake and then swim back again in the afternoon.

Unlike many species of jellyfish, the golden jellyfish’s sting is so weak that it is barely perceptible to humans, meaning that if you have the balls for it you can get some amazing footage like this:

Call me a girly-lame-ass if you like but I don’t reckon I’d go for a swim in there. I think I’ll stick to watching videos of the weirdest things of the deep thanks.


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