Super Hot Mug Shot Guy Is Out Of Prison And Ready To Start New Life As A Super Model

Jeremy Meeks Hottest Mug Shot

Prison changed this guy’s life, for the better.

Remember Jeremy Meeks, that guy who had the ‘hottest mug shot ever’? His picture became so popular it even sparked interest from various modelling agencies. Well now it turns out he has been released from prison and is set to start pursuing his dream as a rich-ass model and potentially an actor too.

The ‘hot felon’ went to prison a couple of years back for illegal possession of a firearm, but despite being all locked up he was signed by talent agency White Cross Management under Jim Jordan whose clients include Vogue, GQ and Warner Brothers.

Jim Jordan

Knowing that he had to be camera ready when he got out, Jeremy spent his time in jail eating healthily and working out. And now he is out, he said he is ready to fulfill his dream and make a shit load of money. He said:

I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. I’m ready.

Jeremy Meeks

His agent Jordan added:

We’re putting everything in place.

We’re in talks with a lot of different agencies. There’s movies on the table. We have a lot of different things happening.

Sounds like this could be the beginning of a completely new start for Jeremy. Could you imagine if we start seeing him pop up on the silver screen? Literally in just a few years he would have gone from criminal to A-list all because of a beautiful mug shot? Proper from rags to riches story right there.

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