This Horse Fighting An Alligator Is Nature’s Most Bizarre Battle

For the first time in internet history – horse Vs. alligator.

We’ve seen jaguar vs. alligator, deer vs. alligator, we’ve even seen otter vs. alligator (you won’t believe who won that one), but never in my life did I think we’d ever see horse vs. alligator.

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Of course if it ever was going to happen, Florida would be the perfect setting. Well over in Gainesville the other day, a crowd gathered to witness the first ever alligator vs. horse fight caught on camera:

Who’d have thought the horse would be the one to instigate a fight? The alligator wasn’t provoking him as far as I could tell, although he was chilling a little too close to where the horses were grazing. If he didn’t stomp that alligator’s head who knows what might’ve happened to them? Good on that horse for showing some foresight and initiative. As for the gator, it’s probably best to get out of dodge when the numbers aren’t in your favour.

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