Hipsters At This Year’s Coachella Didn’t Get Tricked Into Talking About Fake Bands

Hipsters Not Fooled Coachella


A couple of years ago, Jimmy Kimmel took his ‘Lie Witness News’ segment to Coachella, made up a bunch of fake bands and tricked people into talking about them even though they didn’t exist. This plays up on everyone’s – hipster or not – desire to appear knowledgeable about music and it made for some absolutely hilarious viewing. People acted like they were really excited about seeing bands that have no basis in reality.

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Due to the success of the skit, Kimmel decided to send some people back to the festival this year and do it all over again. Unfortunately for him though, it seemed like the audience was onto him and pretty much everyone he asked either replied truthfully about it or recognised that someone was trying to prank them. Better get some new jokes dude:

Ouch. Totally and utterly denied. To be fair though, like he said, it definitely signifies progress in humanity. People are no longer so gullible and desperate to be perceived as in the know that they’ll willingly wax lyrical about something that doesn’t even exist in an effort to appear cool.

There’s still some work to be done in other genres of hipsterdom though, as seen by these interviews conducted at New York Fashion Week.


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