23 GIFs Made Exclusively For 90s Kids

90s Gifs

Hold tight, you’re in for one hell of a crazy ride…

Hold onto your butts because you’re about to be transported to the glitchy world of Mark Vomit, who is the raddest image maker on Tumblr right now.

Whether you’re an amateur connoisseur of the lowly GIF or someone who hoards all the best ones for reactionary reasons, there’s no doubt that everybody loves a good moving picture and Mr. Vomit’s are the best we’ve seen on our dashboards. His work is like a VHS time capsule where the tape gets stuck and you have to relive the same few seconds over and over and over again. These little blasts from the past epitomise everything that was great about television back when the oldest of us we were slobbering brats and the youngest were merely a twinkle in our fathers’ eye.

If you’re still hungry for more animated eye candy when you’re done scrolling through these bad boys, be sure to creep yourself out with these moving historic photographs or have a laugh at these horrendously awkward moments taken straight from celebrity sex tapes.

Use your arrow keys (or slide left on mobile) to take yourself on an intense trip through the time of VHS:


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