Healing Pyramids AKA Complete Guff

The internet is full of rip offs and scams and this healing pyramid nonsense is my favourite. Apparently they can fix the ozone layer and treat AIDS. Yup….

I love the internet. It’s as educational as it is pointless, depending on where you look. Well-researched information nestles among poorly thought out tosh. For me, a never ending source of amusement/bemusement is the fact that there are no real rules. It doesn’t matter how crack pot your idea, your product or your face, you’re all welcome on the www.

Healing Pyramid - Hippy 1

One prevalent facet of the modern internet that sits firmly in the guff category is “alternative” therapies. These can be anything from natural herbs (that may have some benefits or none at all) right through to the madness of things like pyramid healing, which I’d like to discuss here today.

Healing Pyramid - Hippy 2

I like science, and these crack pot remedies are the opposite of science. I wrote an anti-hippy article a while back and the backlash was hilarious, so to preempt some of the pro-dreadlock/peace brigade’s disgruntled remarks please read this disclaimer:

I know science doesn’t have all of the answers, that’s the point of science – to keep looking. But some things are demonstrably bollocks, and pyramid healing is one of them. Try it yourself in a controlled double blind experiment and see how you get on.

Healing Pyramid - Complete Rubbish - Hippy

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