Porn Geeks Are Having Sex With 3D Virtual Reality Avatars Of Their Ex-Girlfriends & Celebrities


It’s amazing that just a few years ago we were blogging about anatomically correct sex dolls and blowjob machines, and we now have a service that allows people to pay for realistic virtual reality duplicates of celebrities and their exes in order to ‘fulfil their sexual desires’.

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It’s about as creepy as it sounds (via):

Some software that’s already available automates much of the process for creating the 3D likenesses of real people. Rendering a realistic human is a process which historically required the specialized technical knowledge of teams of artists in game and special effects studios. Those studios, traditionally, have to obtain the rights to use someone’s likeness before rendering them, but many hobbyists seemingly make avatars of anyone, with or without their consent.

Vice spoke to ‘hobbyists’ out there producing lookalikes of celebrities and exes without their consent so that the people who pay for the service can, well, you know…

I use it to fulfill my sexual fantasies or replicate sexual encounters with my ex-girlfriends… Foto2vam has enabled me to literally feel like I’m there again, i.e. getting a handjob/footjob from my ex looking at me with a smile, or having another ex ride me on the floor in reverse cowgirl in front of a mirror…the possibilities are endless,” the user said.

Yikes. How would you feel if you knew your ex was getting shagged by a virtual reality version of you that they paid some computer wizards to create? I’m not talking about wanking over your Facebook photos or old pictures of you, I mean a person that you once loved/trusted going to the effort of having a duplicate of you created purely so they can bang you in virtual reality.

Well I would actually be quite chuffed with that but different strokes for different folks I guess, and generally being male or female comes into it as well.

It gets creepier:

Another user on the same thread said they also use Foto2Vam to render ex-girlfriends performing sexual acts. They wrote that some 3D models turn out better than others depending on how many quality photographs of the person they can work with.

“From now on, we need to make sure we ask girlfriends to pose a few different angles with a blank expression and flat lighting for a few photos and then import them into VaM,” they said.

Sometimes they’ll even add their own little touches to your design:

“Oh, and I find it amusing to alter reality and give them boob implants, etc. ;)”

One of the geeks they interviewed even comes up with a classic line which probably sums them all up – “they can’t stop us from jacking off”:

“You can’t stop it unless you just stay off grid and never go anywhere or show anywhere and nobody knows you even exist… It’s our world and freedom, they can’t stop us from jacking off, nobody can, they can merely choose extreme privacy.” that user said.

So the only way to avoid becoming someone’s virtual reality sex toy is to completely isolate yourself and go off the grid completely? Got it.

I guess it was only a matter of time before this happened but I’m just amazed it’s happening so soon. How much more realistic can these things yet? I bet one day you’ll be able to be fully immersed in the experience and it will be indistinguishable from real life like the ‘USS Callister’ episode on Black Mirror. Probably not in our lifetimes though.

Still at least whoever uses this service won’t need to worry about anyone finding their horrific homemade sex dolls, like what happened to this poor guy (NSFL).


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