These Are The Biggest Worries Amongst Men When It Comes To Sex Robots

Sex Robot

Being electrocuted doesn’t feature once.

Sex robots are on the way and, for some men, that’s a pretty exciting prospect.

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Not all men though. In fact, some are very anxious about the prospect of having intercourse with a cold, hard, machine despite spending years accessing all sorts of adult material on their laptop or smartphone.

Being a bit worried about the sex robot invasion is probably fair enough though, given what things like Terminator or Westworld have predicted when it comes to the evolution of artificial intelligence.

But the idea of sex robots one day rising up to enslave humanity and instigate nuclear Armageddon is the least of most men’s worries when it comes to doing the dirty with a machine.

According to a survey from adult movie star and blogger Harriet Sugarcookie, men rank some surprisingly mundane fears a little higher when it comes to future sex with robots.

Based on a survey of 500 men from the UK, US, Europe and beyond, here are the most popular concerns.

I’m afraid she would cheat on me

Unbelievably, 16 per cent of respondents admitted to being afraid their sex robot would cheat on them with 3.5 per cent ranking it as their greatest feature when it came to bonking a machine. There are some odd guys out there.

Sex Robot

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I’m worried about hygiene

A slightly more understandable concern came with the potential hygiene risks having sex with a robot posed. Nine per cent ranked it as their biggest worry, but surely they would have similar concerns when it comes to intercourse with a living, breathing person. At least you can wipe a robot down – try saying that to someone after sex!

I’m afraid of theft

A fairly sensible one. 42 per cent of men polled expressed worries that their sex robot could potentially be stolen with 10 per cent ranking it as their biggest fear. You can kind of see their point though: sex dolls won’t come cheap. Imagine if someone nicked your PS4. It’s basically the same thing, except with tits.

I’m scared I will fall in love with her

There are some seriously soft blokes out there. That or guys that are scared of commitment. It’s difficult to tell which, but 10 per cent of the men polled in the study ranked it as their number one fear, while 27 per cent admitted it was a concern.

Sex Robot

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I’m afraid of hacking and data privacy

Another justifiable concern given these paranoid, technological times we are living in. 53 per cent of guys polled felt this was a serious concern, while 18 per cent considered it their biggest fear. Mind you, unless the sex doll comes complete with a built-in web cam, do they really need to worry?

I’m afraid she would rebel and hurt me or others

At last! A concern of the Westworld/Terminator variety. Pretty much 50 per cent of all men quizzed ranked it as a concern while 24 per cent considered it their biggest fear. Is it all for nothing though? Would these robots ever be capable of rising up like that? Hmmm.

I’m afraid she could be unhappy

The wimpiest of all the worries also happens to be the most common with well over half of all respondents admitting this was a worry. A whopping 26 per cent of men in the survey saw this as their biggest concern, which is either really sweet or really sad, depending on how you view it.

To read about the poor sex robot who was molested so much at a trade show, it was left “broken and soiled,” click HERE.  Gross.


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