Harvey Price Snogs His Own Hand To Mimic Katie Price & Boyfriend Kissing (VIDEO)

Classic Harvey.

Ever since Harvey Price uttered the famous words ‘hello you c-nts’ on Loose Women years ago, he’s been considered a bit of a legend as well as, unfortunately, becoming an easy target for trolls to meme into oblivion.

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Well Harvey has managed to effortlessly go viral once again, this time by mimicking his mum Katie Price and boyfriend Carl Woods kissing.

Classic Harvey content right there. Don’t forget this is Harvey making people laugh and going viral without even trying, just imagine what he could accomplish if he actually put some effort in. We wouldn’t be able to get enough!

I know a lot of people are gonna get on Katie Price’s case and accuse her of exploiting Harvey for the lolz and setting him up to be bullied, but I don’t think that’s fair, especially considering the work she’s put in over the last few years to go after his bullies. In fact whatever happened to that YouTube channel Harvey was supposed to set up? That would have been pure internet gold right there. Guess we’ll have to settle for sporadic clips on Katie Price’s IG account for now.

For the time Katie Price named and shamed Dapper Laughs for trolling Harvey online, click HERE.


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