Happy Birthday Quentin Tarantino From The Cast Of Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino Birthday

If you were a famous film director I’m sure that you would just absolutely love it if someone made a supercut of all the characters from your best movie singing Happy Birthday to you, right?

Quentin Tarantino Birthday

It’s Quentin Tarantino’s birthday today and he’s hit the grand old age of 50. That means it’s been 20 years since Reservoir Dogs came out and maybe around 23 since he decided that he wasn’t working in the video store anymore and was going to make some sickass movies. I wanted to make a joke about how it’s also been about 10 years since he’s been a good director, but I kinda liked Inglorious Bastards so I can’t, but man did Django and the Kill Bills suck. Especially Django.

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Anyway, it’s his birthday and Quentin Tarantino himself is probably celebrating by licking some bitch’s toes whilst he jerks off or having a meltdown at a helpless new reporter, or maybe he’s celebrating by watching this video someone has kindly edited of all the Pulp Fiction characters singing Happy Birthday to him. OK, probably not but you never know, and the video is kinda cool as I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction for a while and it’s good to bring back memories of such a great movie with so many great characters and awesome parts and lines. They could have perhaps used a better musical backing track for Happy Birthday though.

To be fair I should probably flag this before everyone accuses me of native advertising or something but this DID crop in my Facebook newsfeed under sponsored posts. Normally I’ve never clicked on anything that appears there before (and normally it’s a load of gay stuff trying to get me to go on dates with me and look at weird sex toys. Not that I’m homophobic or anything but I’m not gay but it kinda freaks me out a bit why this is happening to me) but this did actually look cool and have a bunch of likes/shares on it from people I knew so I figured it might be worth checking out.

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And it was pretty cool like I said. It’s really lame that it’s been designed by some viral video company to advertise the fact that Pulp Fiction is on Sky Movies though and encourage you to subscribe to the channel and watch it. That completely sucks. Still, the video is 30 seconds worth of fun so try and enjoy it without being so cynical. That’s why I pointed it out, so you could get past it and just dive right in. Go for it bud.

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