Django Unchained – First Trailer For New Quentin Tarantino Movie

Quentin Tarantino presents his take on the Wild Wild West.

I didn’t even know Quentin Tarantino was making a new movie – I figured he was probably too busy sucking butters girl’s toes while he was masturbating – but as soon as I saw that the trailer was out I watched it straight away and it’s typical Tarantino: fast paced, violent, a couple of jokes and containing overbearing themes of revenge and vengeance within a black/white dynamic.  The movie is called Django Unchained and it tells the story of a black slave and a white bounty hunter who team up to trawl across the country to settle individual scores with some guys called the Brittle brothers who probably raped the white guys’s wife or something and Leonardo Di Caprio who bought the black slave’s wife and probably rapes her all the time or something.

Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz play the two main characters but the movie also features Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and Don Johnson. The trailer is typical Tarantino and very 70’s in is presentation, and I guess it’s no surprise that the great man is turning his hand to a Western (although he himself actually refers to it as a ‘southern’ during production due to the fact it was set in the south) after tackling most other ‘hip’ movie genres. I’m just waiting until he makes a sci-fi movie. Until then though you can check out the trailer to Django Unchained below and start counting the days until its release on Christmas Day this year. If you need reminding of Quentin Tarantino’s brilliance, check out some of Quentin Tarantino’s best bits.

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