The Gym Masturbator Caught Wanking Near Squatting Woman Is Now Facing Charges

Gym wanker.

You may or may not have caught wind of a story that was doing the rounds last week involving a man, a woman, a gym and a wank.

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To recap, an unnamed gym-goer at the Stellenbosch Virgin Active venue in South Africa was caught on camera busting one out to a woman doing squats. Someone was on hand to film the incident unfold and quite rightly were utterly disgusted by the man’s actions.

They decided to upload the footage alongside the caption:

I want this man’s face to go viral. This was at the Virgin Active in Stellenbosch @virginactiveSA

Absolutely abysmal behaviour.

Well, her wish came true and the video went viral, leading to a backlash of equally disgusted viewers.

Although he was banned from the gyms and we assumed that was that, this week it’s been announced that the man in the video is to appear in court to face sexual-related charges.

The case was launched on May 20th and it’s reported that the man will be named once he has pleaded to the court.

It’s not known what his punishment will be, but hats off to whoever launched the case for taking it seriously. It’s just not cool for people to go around places mistreating others in such a hideous and creepy way. We’ll keep you posted on more to come.

While we’re on the topic, read about the guy whose gym towel was wanked into while he was working out. Gross.


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