Someone Jerked Off In This Guy’s Towel Whilst He Was At The Gym


Every one of us have probably taken part in a danger wank at some point in our lives – whether it’s trying to crack one out while your travel buddy is in the toilet or cleaning the pipes while your mum is watching TV downstairs – but I think every one of us would also agree that there’s a level of what is acceptable when it comes to these things.

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I would be shocked if anyone reading this deemed what happened to 17 year old Mohammed Ali at his local Pump Gym recently in any way acceptable though. Ali left his towel on a rack whilst he went to the toilet and when he came back found that someone had decided to ejaculate into it. Gross.

Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

I was only one of four people in the gym at that time, I reckon. I went to the toilet for five minutes, and left my towel on a wall rail by the cubicle.

I came out and they’d already left, and as I was washing my hands I noticed my towel had been touched, so I opened it up and had a closer look.

I could see something white, and at first I thought it was shampoo that had leaked from my bag or something – so I went to touch it and give it a smell.

It turns out it was what I was hoping it not to be – the person who had come in the changing room while I was in the toilet masturbated on my towel.

I was so angry, so so so so angry I didn’t know what to do. I went back to the gym the next day and I find the assistant manager and tell him what happened – and he was as disgusted as I was.

Thankfully the gym staff have all been extremely supportive throughout this whole incident and have given me good advice.

That whole incident is rank isn’t it? Possibly the worst part about it is when Ali smelled the semen on his towel and had to go through that, but the whole thing is just completely horrific. Imagine finding someone’s spunk on your towel, I would feel so violated. Rank.

Thankfully, the police are now investigating the incident and the gym say that they’ve handed over video surveillance footage to them so hopefully the culprit will be caught and punished appropriately. Have gotta say that that’s one hell of a dangerwank though – especially as it happened in the Pump Gym – but it looks as if he’s going to be caught so I’m not sure he can really count it as a success. Disgusting behaviour anyway, even if I can respect that balls he must have had on him to go through with something like that. Probably not gonna have much of a life left when everyone finds out who he was though.

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