Maybe if the subway train was really full and you were in a rush it might be justified to ride by clinging onto the outside…but when it’s completely empty, seriously?!

This is a pretty great viral video that I’m surprised hasn’t been more popularised. It’s simply the view inside a subway train of a guy who’s hanging onto the door from the outside as the subway travels from station to station. It’s pretty cool for about 5 seconds but then gets kind of boring as you’re just waiting to see if he dies or gets injured or if anything happens to him (SPOILER: nothing does). It’s not as exciting as a guy being pulled out of the way of a train at the last second sure, but what is?

The video does raise some pretty interesting questions though, like why the hell was this guy doing that? It’s not even like the subway car he’s on is very busy or has someone annoying on it begging or singing songs or listening to music on their smartphone really loud. Wait, I guess it does have the people filming the video on it. But was there really any way for this guy who’s riding outside the subway car to know that before he got on the subway? And was it really worth riding outside the subway for!?

The commentary provided by the people filming is probably the best part of the video after you get over the initial shock of seeing some idiot pressed against the subway door hanging on for dear life whilst listening to his iPod. The black dudes filming it bust out some great quotes like ‘We on the J Line right now homie,’ ‘this guy must be on a pill. He’s on a pill, he’s drunk AND he’s high all at the same time’ and ‘I would never do this in my life. I Like to stay inside the train!’

Pretty entertaining. Maybe they’ll get an appearance on Saturday Night Live or something if the video goes viral. Way more viral than it currently is at least. Check it out below:

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