Guy Gets His Car Clamped By The DVLA; Refuses To Pay The Fine So Smashes It Up Instead

Guy Destroys Car Refuses To Pay Fine


I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this and you own a vehicle, then there’s going to be at least one time that the DVLA have completely shafted you and fined you for something that wasn’t really your fault and cost you a shedload of money to sort out. I’m pretty sure that if you’re anything like me, then it would have annoyed you greatly as well.

That’s why this guy is such an inspiration. He’s not gonna let the DVLA get one over on him and he’s willing to go to extreme measures to make sure that this is the case.

In the video, the DVLA has clamped his car because he’s failed to pay his road tax. He’s then received a fine on top of his road tax and a fee to get the clamp removed. There’s also the threat that they’ll repossess his car and auction it off in order for him to pay his road tax.

So instead of letting them do that, he does the only thing possible in alternative and decides to follow the mantra that if he can’t use his beautiful Toyota Yaris then nobody is gonna use it at all, so proceeds to completely and utterly trash it instead.

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What a nut job. As angry as I’ve ever been with the government/anyone for fining me or unreasonable behaviour, I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry that I would actually destroy something I couldn’t have anymore so that somebody else couldn’t get their hands on it. That’s a whole next level.

What he should have done instead is just gone to this website that sets up a complaint form to the DVLA in about two minutes that you can send off and will hopefully get your problem sorted out.


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