Woman Breaks Up With All The Guys She’s Been Seeing Via Group Text

Brutally efficient.

Dating in the modern age can be pretty complicated as it’s highly likely that if you’re just ‘dating’ then you could feasibly be seeing two or three people at the same time until you finally decide to settle down with one of them. When you make that decision though, it could be pretty awkward to let down the other guys, so why not just do it without any regard whatsoever for their feelings?

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That’s exactly what the woman in this story did. She was seeing four guys at the same time (no worries) and decided that instead of dating one of them, she was going to get back with her ex boyfriend instead. Guess she’s a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

In order to maximise efficiency and brutality, she decided to tell them all this via a group text message. Cold:


Lol. I like the way one guy actually bothered to reply to it too. Shame he left the conversation straight after though, he could have ended up getting a real bromance going on with all the other guys she ditched, maybe even hatched some kind of crazy plan to get her back. Sounds like the plot to a really bad gross out comedy.

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