Guy Loses Pants During Fight In 14 Hour Line At Colorado’s In N Out Burger (VIDEO)

What a loser.

We already told you how In N Out Burger opened their first locations in Colorado over the weekend and this led to a 14 hour wait for some people to queue up and try their burger, but we weren’t aware that some people got so tetchy during their lining up period that they ended up fighting each other.

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To be honest, I would probably end up beating the shit out of myself if I ended up spending over half of my day waiting in my car for an average burger – imagine how hungry you would be by the time you got it! – but for some reason these two guys decide to go at it themselves. I guess one of them beeped the other for moving too slow or accidentally touched their bumpers or something? Probably better tot ke your aggression out on somebody else rather than your self too.

Anyway, this fight isn’t that great compared to some of the ones we’ve featured over the years, but it deserves to be highlighted because somehow one of the guys ends up losing his pants in the scuffle and doesn’t seem to get them back at the end of it. Can you imagine the shame and ignominy of firstly having a fight in this situation, secondly losing it and then thirdly having to go back to your car without your pants and sit there for another seven hours in just your underwear behind the guy who battered you? Not a situation anyone ever wants to find themselves in I don’t think.

Hope that In N Out Burger was worth it bro. Got a feeling that it really, really wasn’t even before you got your ass handed to you and lost your trousers though unfortunately.

For more of the same, here’s a couple of people fighting with their butts out at 2am in a Florida convenience store. Instant classic.


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