An In N Out Burger Opened In Colorado And The Line Was 12 Hours Long


In N Out Burger is pretty much a legendary California burger chain at this point and it seems like they’re finally expanding their brand all over the United States, as they opened their first of 50 planned locations in Colorado over the weekend. It looks like they’re onto a good thing as well too because lines for the joint were over two miles long with people willing to wait up to 12 hours for their burger. Crazy.

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Now, I thought at first that this was probably going to a be a satire article from The Daily Mash or similar, but it turns out that it’s actually true because there’s actual videos of the lines on the internet and the Aurora Police Department has been posting about it as well. I suppose with everything that we know about America and everything that’s happened over there this year,  we shouldn’t be surprised that Americans are willing to wait up to 12 hours in their car for a new burger that probably isn’t even that good. It makes sense when you think about it doesn’t it?

Wow. Seems absolutely crazy to me that someone would have nothing better to do on the weekend then wait in a line FOR 12 HOURS to get a burger, but there are definitely a bunch of people that wanna do that so I can’t argue with it. Just question it and fail to understand it.

Personally I’ve never had an In N Out Burger but I’ve heard from a load of people that they’re cheap, fill you up and really hit the spot. Even so, it’s still just a fast food burger and not the equivalent of a hipster burger place like Meat Liquor or whatever that MIGHT be worth queuing for for like half an hour, so what the hell is wrong with these people waiting this long to get one?

How can it possible be worth it? If you want it so bad just wait a couple of weeks and go back when the queue has gone down, or better yet just drive to fucking California and back to get one as it will literally take less time and be more of a fun trip. Idiots.

For more of the same, check out when this guy stopped mid police chase to get an In N Out Burger. That’s how much people love them I guess.


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