Two Dudes Fighting With Their Butts Hanging Out At 2AM Is The Greatest Internet Fight Of 2020

There is so much going on here.

This footage taken inside a WaWa convenience store in Florida at 2AM is going viral owing to the butts and beer guts spilling out all over the place and the A+ commentary provided by the cameraman.

The fight itself is technically uneventful, but there’s just so many moments in there from the dick punches, to that one dude’s surprise tramp stamp, to the part where he hilariously runs out the door at the end that makes this a certified must-watch:

Welp, your day is officially fucked up when a big fella’s bare arse crack comes into contact with your skin. I mean it’s just a wrap on the whole day after that. Even the guy who stepped in to help may as well amputate his whole leg after this:

That is one nasty ass for sure. Pretty sure there’s day old shit in there. But of all the disturbing things I saw in this video, the dude’s tramp stamp was the most surprising:

Anyway, big up the cameraman not just for his stellar commentary, but for at least trying to talk some sense into these two. I mean who can be arsed to get into a fight in a convenience store at 2 in the morning? Just go home and get to bed. Surely that’s way more preferable to your terrible fight going viral because your stinky butt was hanging out the entire time.

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