GTA V Inspires Wave Of Stupid Crimes

Some people were willing to do anything to get their hands on a copy of GTA V on its release day, resorting to crimes one would find within the game itself.

New York

gta v thief

Three New York bros (including the gent picture above) dressed up as policemen and cut the line ahead of 500 people to buy GTA V on its midnight release — only to get busted by real police when they made an illegal U-turn and ran several stop signs on their way back home to play the game.

They had fake police badges and even had their vehicle kitted up like an unmarked police car complete with lights and sirens. One of the guys had a police shield tattoo and flashed it to mall security, who let them right in ahead of the queue.

Not a bad plan. In fact it was a pretty awesome plan. It effectively worked and they’d got away with it but then they got cocky and messed it all up at the last second. Now they’re all getting done for impersonating police officers and probably won’t get to enjoy GTA V for a while.

Still, you have to respect the fact they took their chances with this instead of waiting in line with 500 other people.


gta v couple robbery

The London crime was violent, ruthless and awful, the New York one was kind of genius, but this GTA-related crime was just low. A bum couple (who have four kids together, I might add) beat up a mentally disabled dude who was walking home with his $150 collector’s edition version of the game and stole it from him, before trying to re-sell it at a GameStop store, where they were clocked with dealing stolen property. By the time they were arrested though they’d already sold the man’s game on the cheap.

The couple became very apologetic once they were caught by police and offered to buy their victim a new game, before gawking that it was the collector’s edition and would leave them even broken than they already were. Didn’t matter though — they did the crime, they’ll do time (unlike in GTA).

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