Shocking Footage Of The Dallas Sniper Attacks Shows Just How Fucked Up They Really Were (VIDEO)

Dallas Sniper Shootings

There’s a war on the streets.

Waking up this morning, you probably heard news of how eleven police officers had been injured and four had been killed last night. The incident happened during a BlackLivesMatter protest march against the unlawful killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile this week in Dallas when snipers opened fire upon them. Truly unbelievable news to wake up to, right?

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The details about the whole situation are still unclear, but police are saying that they have a couple of suspects in custody including two people that they believe to have been the snipers in question. They’re also saying that there were multiple explosive devices planted around downtown Dallas that they managed to apprehend, so be thankful that those didn’t go off, otherwise we could find ourselves in a way worse situation than we’re currently in. Not that this is particularly good or anything.

A couple of videos of the sniper attacks have already emerged onto the internet. The first is a CNN report featuring an interview with an eyewitness named Ismael Dejesus, who filmed a guy on the street randomly firing his gun off all over the place. Dejesus also says that the gunman killed a police officer who tried to stop him so he popped three bullets in him, execution style:

The second video shows bullets raining down into a downtown Dallas street as policemen try to duck and dodge them:

Jesus. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved and hopefully we’ll have some more of an idea of why and how this happened later on today. I doubt there can be any reason to justify it though and would honestly have wished that it hadn’t ever happened at all.

America needs to sort itself out ASAP. If you need any convincing that Donald Trump isn’t the man to do this, then check out the video below:


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