Girl Face-Times Her Ex Whilst Giving Another Guy Head; Ex Posts It On FB (NSFW)

Oh my days, this is the ULTIMATE in humiliation.

This one’s going nuts on Reddit right now, which is no surprise considering it ranks up there with some of the most brutal ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend revenge shenanigans we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot over the years).

The story goes that this girl is administrating some fellatio on her new fella, and thought it’d wind up her ex boyfriend a treat if she FaceTimed him in the process (no idea what he did to her previously, if anything). Pretty low move, but this guy made sure to stoop just as low by then sharing a couple screenshots on Facebook:

Revenge Ex

What can you say really? Be thankful you’re not this dude/girl going blow for blow (literally) on social media trying to out-malice each other. No good can ever come from that.

Reminds us of the psycho ex-boyfriend who tried to frame his ex with these racist Facebook posts.


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