Woman Cuts Cheating Husband’s Penis Off, Tracks Him Down In Hospital And Cuts It Off Again

Coldest revenge in cheating history.

A scorned wife in China cut off her husband’s penis after discovering he was cheating on her with a 21-year-old girl. Upon discovering the suspect messages on his phone she cut off his dick with a pair of scissors, waited until he was rushed to emergency to have it reattached, then burst into his hospital room and cut it off again before lobbing it out the window.

Chop Chop

This time the man flipped his lid and chased his wife onto the street where he began beating her up (photo below). It’s believed a stray cat or dog must have ran off with the man’s twice-severed penis because no one could find it anywhere. The woman was OK but has been arrested for GBH.


As for her husband, a hospital spokesperson said:

He is now in stable condition but emotionally distraught.

No shit. It’s bad enough having your penis chopped off once, but twice? That’s got to have a devastating effect on the old psyche. It’s not all bad news for the man though; his mistress still wants him despite his lack of phallus:

It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility; he has five children already.

Well that’s sweet. Definitely sounds like the kind of loathesome couple you read about.


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