This Bizarre Animation Of Giraffes Doing The High Dive Is Immense

Super-skilled giraffes hit the diving board in this mental but super chilled animation.

As you know we like to offer you SC chaps and chapesses the weirdest videos that we come across. After all, it’s nice to share isn’t it? Just last week we had that odd footage of a huge whale shark being paraded through the streets of China. We also recently brought to your attention a video of friends seeing each other naked for the first time. That was a barrel of laughs.

Today we bring you the work of animator Nicolas Deveaux. He’s a talented, award-winning artist who is pretty much spot on with animal based animations. Deveaux’s worked for plenty of movies and advertising companies, but in his spare time he likes to make weird and totally original concept videos like the one below.

There’s no point me going on too much about this clip because it’s weird and wonderful and you can only really appreciate it by watching it for yourself.


Odd, huh? But also super mellow and massively enjoyable. Is it as weird as that human statue guy in the Kazakh shopping centre? I’m not sure..


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