Weird Video Films The Moment Best Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time

Guys See Each Other Naked First Time

I don’t expect this to be awkward at all.

Guys don’t tend to hang around completely naked a lot of the time, so I think it’s probably fairly normal to assume that if you’re a guy then you might never have seen your best friend naked, even though he’s your best friend.

Buzzfeed decided to turn this idea on its head though and made a video of the first time guys saw each other in the buff and filmed their reaction. It’s kind of like those fake first kiss videos that were doing the rounds earlier this year, only actually real and way more awkward. It seems like the guys in the video don’t actually even want to be there judging by their reactions – which mainly consist of a lot of staring and sizing each other up – and the insecurity and awkwardness between everyone is palpable. Of course, that’s what makes it such a great video.

It also deserves props because one of the guys in it is called Sethward. Incredible name.


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