The First Gameplay Trailer For Quake: Champions Looks Sick AF

Quake Champions

Can’t wait for this.

The first installment in the Quake franchise since 2005 was announced at E3 in the form of Quake: Champions and now we can get even more excited about it as the first actual gameplay trailer has just dropped. 

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Quake: Champions is solely based around death match arenas and the trailer reflects this, featuring a high speed look at a few of the different arenas available and a few of the different guns and characters that are going to be making an appearance too. As you might expect, the game looks absolutely gorgeous and is completely rapid too. Hold on:

Geez. That was fucking fast eh? And what was that eyeball about? Looks interesting – hopefully it can blast you or do something and isn’t just window dressing for the arena.

Unfortunately it’s going to be a while until we find out as it doesn’t currently have a release date and probably isn’t going to come out for at least a year. Bummer. At least we can play on the new Doom game that dropped earlier this year until then though. That’s probably better anyway – always liked Doom better than Quake, even way back when.


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