The Mother Of All First Person Shooters DOOM Has Returned


The granddaddy of them all.

Back when I was a kid, I think the first FPS game I ever played was DOOM, followed closely by DOOM 2.  They were absolutely terrifying and heart stopping, and since those days I don’t think I’ve ever bricked it as hard as when those demons were coming after me with their horrible voices and sound effects. Even though I’m an adult now, that all might be about to change though, as DOOM has returned with a new instalment.

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This new edition doesn’t mess around with the single player campaign and it’s pretty much an updated version of the classic storyline. You’re a mysteriously unique marine who has been dispatched on Mars at a Union Aerospace Corporation energy research station to destroy a whole army load of demons that have turned up there from the depths of Hell itself. Standard.

The relentless gameplay returns as you’re literally fighting against a seemingly never ending stream of different demons. There’s also a new melee combat system which lets you run, jump, kick and break off the arms of these demons which is a pretty unique feature in FPS at the moment. They’re called Glory Kills and it makes sense because they are glorious to watch. Don’t worry – the weapons haven’t been left out as a result of this though and the Chainsaw, Chaingun and BFG to name a few are all making a reappearance alongside some new instant classics.

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In addition to the expansive single player campaign, there’s also a multiplayer option which looks just as much fun, if not more. With multiple gameplay modes to take on, it’s even more relentless than the single player game and it features a whole bunch of brand new power upgrades including one that lets you turn into a demon, pick up your opponents and rip their bodies in half. You know that’s gonna be a satisfying way to kill the dude who’s been talking smack to you all session.

On top of all this there’s also a new map editor called SnapMap, which promises to be one of the easiest to use game and level editors in history, allowing you to snap custom areas of maps together at a push of a button and then play them at the push of another. It also enables you to easily edit gameplay and game logic to create all new game modes, which should mean a world of pretty much endless possibilities for you.

It basically looks like it’s going to be an absolute stormer of a game. It’s out now and you can check out more information at


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