‘Quake’ Is Making A Comeback With ‘Quake: Champions’


Following on from ‘Doom’, another classic shooter is getting relaunched.

‘Quake’ was one of the all time classic shooters back when I was growing up alongside ‘Doom’ and ‘Duke Nukem’, and after recent revamps of both of those titles ‘Quake’ is also making a comeback with ‘Quake: Champions’.

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To be honest though, ‘Quake: Champions’ doesn’t sound as good as the recent ‘Doom’ revamp. It’s only coming out on the PC (so I probably won’t be able to play it anyway) and there’s no single player campaign, with the game instead focusing on an arena multiplayer mode.

The USP of the game is that there are several different characters you can pick to take part in these arena sessions that all have different skills and attributes, which again isn’t exactly selling it too hard, but it is rumoured to be very, very fast – even more so than the recent ‘Doom’ game. All we’ve got so far is a cinematic trailer and it is pretty fast, but obviously we’re not going to know by how much until we get to see the gameplay. This makes it look OK though:

Yeah like I said it doesn’t look like a world beater but it could be decent and it’s ‘Quake’ so you’ve got to think that the name still means something. I’m not going to buy a PC though so that’s probably the end of that for me – unless when the gameplay trailer drops it just looks absolutely sick and I’ll have no other choice but to do that. Kinda sceptical though.

We should get some more info about it next week though at E3. Hold onto your hats. In the meantime check out some of the trailers for ‘Doom‘ in case you missed them.


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