Game Of Thrones Characters In 90’s Attire

Khal Drogo Featured.

Ever wonder what all the characters in Game Of Thrones would look like if it was set in the 90’s? Now you don’t have to.

I don’t really know much about Game Of Thrones because I’ve never watched it, but everyone seems to love it and talk about how there’s loads of sex and incest and loads of people die all the time and boy did that Red Wedding episode send the internet into meltdown or what? The closest I’ve come to watching the show is playing the card game with some of my nerdy pals – it’s kinda like Dungeons and Dragons but nerdier – and to be honest I had a blast and it was real fun. I’m thinking about watching the show but just haven’t got around to it yet – I’m currently watching House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Anyway I saw these Game Of Thrones character in 90’s attire on Facebook yesterday and everyone seemed to be going pretty wild for them so I figured even if I didn’t know much about them, it was probably a good idea to share them with the fine readers of Sick Chirpse. Let me know if you like them. If you want to see more of them as they come along, they’re created by a dude called Moshi-Kun and you can click on the link to check out his tumblr – he seems to be coming out with more all the time.

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Talisa Maegyr

Talisa Maegyr Game Of ThronesTalisa Maegyr Game Of Thrones

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