Gaddafi’s Rape Chamber Discovered

Gaddafi was not known for his sensitive side. This recently discovered rape chamber is a horrifying glimpse into what went on behind the Colonel’s closed doors.

Gaddafi was a bad man, that’s not news. But as the years pass since his brutal mob execution more and more sordid details slowly emerge. People that were once loyal to Gaddafi still fear retribution, so information has been gathered at a snail’s pace. BBC4 are running a documentary in early February that show in detail another horror that’s recently been unearthed. A rape chamber.

It’s becoming likely that Gaddafi captured, raped, beat and in many cases killed thousands of teenage girls throughout his 42 year reign. In the 24 months since his death the doors to his sex den have remained locked in an attempt to save Libya from crushing international embarrassment. Recently, after months of debate a photographer has been allowed into this macabre hovel.

The 70’s decor and grimy jacuzzi are the tip of this disgusting iceberg. A gynaecological suite where women were checked for disease and given abortions where necessary is a chilling horror film like scene. Some women were so badly injured they were left in car parks and waste ground to die alone in agony. Girls were forced to watch pornography to “train” them up. Few escaped, but those that did would often be shunned by their strict Muslim families. Shame is a big deal over there.

Gaddafi - Sex Chamber - Rape - gynaecological

Gaddafi’s method for collecting his victims was as bleak as you might imagine. He would lecture in schools and universities and whilst performing would scan the audience for pretty girls. On his way out he would tap them on the head and they would be hunted down by his bodyguards and taken back to his lair. If the families of the girls tried to prevent them from being taken they would simply be shot dead. He was above the law, he was the law.

And that was just the beginning of their nightmare…

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