You Won’t Believe Floyd Mayweather’s Reaction To Ronda Rousey’s Knockout…

Has Floyd Mayweather lost the plot?

As most of social media went absolutely crazy following Ronda Rousey’s unexpected knockout on Saturday night, one man was surprisingly quiet given his history with the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

It was of course Floyd Mayweather, who has been embroiled in a war of words with Ronda for quite some time, even though it seems pretty ridiculous as the two are never ever going to end up fighting each other.

Last night Floyd finally broke his silence on the matter and his comments were pretty unusual given the history between the two.

The conversation was prompted by this Instagram post from 50 Cent following her loss, which Floyd denied having anything to do with:

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That’s not true at all.

I haven’t really spoke to anyone about the Ronda Rousey situation, just to set the record straight

Just in boxing period, contact sports period, you win some, you lose some.

I don’t know about this fight, I just know that you win some and you lose some. It basically comes with the territory.

A true champion can take a loss and bounce back.

I don’t think it’s cool how everyone is trolling her on social media. Certain things you have to learn.

People will love you on Friday and then Sunday morning, it’s nothing but negative comments and people making jokes and people making fun about you, which I don’t think is cool.

I’ve never been on the other side, so I don’t know how it feels.

I’m pretty sure she’s a very, very strong person, but we still have to take into consideration that she has feelings.

Everything happens for a reason. This was already written.

Listen, if God says, ‘In Floyd’s career, I don’t want him to lose,’ you know what? I wasn’t going to lose.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t took a loss before. I’m not talking about boxing; I’m just talking about life. When you lose a loved one, that’s taking a loss.

I think that everything is just a learning experience. In due time, she’ll be able to bounce back and make some noise again in mixed martial arts.

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Well, I didn’t expect him to be anywhere near as gracious as that given his cocky demeanour and general impression of being a complete asshole. I suppose by acting like this – and saying something like that – though, Floyd’s just inadvertently (deliberately) drawing attention his phenomenal undefeated record of 49-0 during his career. But even so, he’s being unbelievably nice about her given the beef that they’ve shared in the past and not even talking about himself for the majority of the speech, which is certainly a first.

He’s also probably going to piss Ronda off even more by being nice to him about it than if he was a complete and utter jerk about it. Fair play to the guy I suppose – it’s just a shame he can’t read so good.


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