50 Cent Was Right, Floyd Mayweather Can’t Actually Read

Floyd Mayweather Crying


You probably saw 50 Cent’s challenge to Floyd Mayweather the other day where he dared him to read a page of a Harry Potter book, implying that he was illiterate or he at last might need to take a trip to the Derek Zoolander Centre For Kids Who Can’t Read Good.

Well, it looks as if he was actually right. Floyd Mayweather hasn’t accepted the challenge yet and some guy called Charlamagne from a radio station called Power 105.1 has dug up a clip of Floyd Mayweather reading some ‘drops’ (that’s what they call it where a celebrity does an ad spot over there apparently) which illustrate just how terrible he is at reading.ys

It takes this Charlamagne dude about ten seconds to read the drop whereas it takes Floyd over a minute and a half and he doesn’t even get it down. Clearly he’s pretty terrible at reading but is that really something to take the piss out of?

I mean he could be dyslexic or have some other condition we don’t know about. In any case he’s probably $170 million richer than this Charlamagne guy and a world champion boxer. Charlamagne had better hope he doesn’t drop down to Power 105.1 again and beat his ass.


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