The First New Blink 182 Song W/ Matt Skiba Just Got Released

Blink 182 MAtt Skiba

It’s actually pretty good.

So the whole Blink 182 drama went down last year and Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio decided to join and initially we were sceptical about how that was going to work. Then they played a show and were awesome and we took it all back.

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Then it was announced that they were going to release a new record and everyone seemed really happy with it when they were talking about it and we got kinda excited about the fact it might actually be good now Tom DeLonge wasn’t trying to make it sound like Coldplay. And now, the first single just got leaked and it actually sounds pretty damn good:

OK, so it’s not as fast as old Blink and it’s still mainly Mark Hoppus singing and it sounds like the kinda stuff Blink were releasing on their last couple of records, but it’s pretty catchy and cool.

I’ve listened to it a few times and I already know some of the words which is a good sign too. Maybe not an instant classic, but I reckon it’ll be a staple of their live set. The bridge is probably the best bit, although I don’t really like John Feldman’s overproduction on it, but I suppose that was always going to happen.

Pretty happy with it and excited for the album really. Just stoked we’re not reliving their awful performance at Reading Festival the other year to be honest.


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