Firefighter Brings Kitten Back To Life


Cutest thing you will see today – firefighter brings kitten back to life.

Back in June, firefighter Cory Kalanick was searching through a house fire in Fresno, California for salvage when he came across the body of a lifeless kitten. Firemen are famous for rescuing cats out of trees but what Cory did next is next level fireman-ship. Most people would have given up on the poor creature but not good old fashioned American hero Cory.

Cory took the kitten, raced out to the fire truck, took out his oxygen tank and began saving the poor little kitty’s life. He poured water over it’s fur and popped the oxygen mask over the kitten’s face. After about 15 minutes the kitty started to move and slowly came back to life. Pretty amazing huh?

All of the dramatic events were captured on Cory’s helmet cam and the video is below.

Kind of restores your faith in mankind and I’m pretty sure it’s the cutest thing on the internet right now. Plus it also shows that a man will do anything for pussy.

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