Watch: Ferrari Test Drive Goes Wrong In A Really Expensive Way

If you’re going to test drive a Ferrari, maybe you should learn to drive first?

This is almost as good as the video footage of the guy getting a sobriety test whilst off his chops on ketamine. It’s not quite as daft though.

I’m not sure what country this footage comes from but a couple of guys have decided to test drive some snazzy Ferrari model or other. All is going pretty well for the first minute or so, until Billy-no-brains behind the wheel gives the red devil a bit too much gas.

In my opinion, if you’ve decided to test drive a really expensive car you are either a) a pillock or b) a plum. So, in my opinion, you deserve what you get. Razzing about in a pumped up car, hoping it will make up for your lack of pizzazz in the personality department. Maybe I’m making a sweeping generalisation, but don’t worry, I’ve finished now.

Watch and grimace:


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